Best Friends Start Here

Communicating effectively with another species is more complicated than it may seem. This short course will help you learn effective communication with your puppy using modern, up-to-date information and practices. If you aspire to raise a well-mannered and obedient pup, you need the foundations first.

Happy, Healthy Relationships from the Start

We know that successful human relationships are built on trust, communication, respect / boundaries, empathy, conflict resolution, and fulfilling Individual Needs.

Did you know these are the same ingredients for a successful human-to-canine relationship?

In under a few hours, you can take your training game to a whole new level with your new best friend.

Body Language

Dogs are super in tune with our body language and considerably less in tune with our verbal language. Learn how to use body language to communicate and also decipher what your puppy's body language may be saying.


Reinforcing natural connections, building new connections and working with your puppy to increase trust and engagement. Create a mutually beneficial relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Lasting Experiences

Learn ways to provide experiences for your puppy that build confidence, provide safe socialization, and contribute to a well-rounded, well-mannered puppy.

Get Started!

Experience Matters.

It can be exhausting to weed through the sea of dog training and behavior influencers to know you are getting solid, modern advice. With more than 25 years of experience working in animal welfare through nonprofit organizations, the veterinary profession, and as a credentialed Canine Behavior Consultant, you can trust that you are getting expert-level information presented by Sara Ondrako in a digestible, applicable format for you and your furry family members.

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